If someone told me five years ago about how different my life would be today I would have been in total disbelief and it would have scared me. Many of my goals manifested quickly, but thankfully everything happened one baby step at a time. Otherwise I might have crumbled! Most of us are  more afraid of success than of failure. Fear is the culprit that steals our dreams…

Recognizing fear takes practice, but it’s really not that complicated. When we dissect it we see that it encompasses all negative thoughts and feelings. Doubt is fear. Anger is fear. Fear just doesn’t feel good. So, if you’re down and out, know that you’ve probably put on your “Team Fear” shirt. The shirt that will sabotage all your hopes and dreams if left on for long.

Fear is not bad, it’s just a feeling that can teach us a lot. It comes and goes as long as we let it by honouring the experience. This allows it to pass through us because fear, just like love, flows. It needs to flow. When we resist fear, we push it down deep within us. We hold onto it tightly, blocking its flow and forcing it to cause dis-ease and wreak havoc on our lives. Knowing that fear is just a call for attention makes it easier to give it the acknowledgment and understanding it deserves which in turn, makes it disappear! But as with all feelings, chances are that it will be back.

I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.
~ Nelson Mandela

If the idea of accomplishing one of your goals makes you feel the need to hurry, and figure it all out tout de suite, fear (frustration, anxiety, doubt) will paralyze your progress. A great teacher once told me, “just do one thing”. One thing a day that brings you closer to your dream. What a lesson this is! Fear in small, manageable doses is what to expect when we begin to live the life we have always wanted. The gift of knowing this helps us to intentionally realize our goals one step at a time. If surmounting fear associated with your dream sounds overwhelming, let me assure you it is quite the opposite. It is one of the most fun, liberating, and exciting things you can do for yourself and it’s a ticket to a better life. ♥


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