There is something much more significant than the advanced performance of the head brain, manual dexterity, and other characteristics that set us apart from our animal friends here on earth. It is the miraculous existence and function of the human heart brain. No other creature has one.

As it turns out the yogis were onto something. 😊 Science has proven that electric and magnetic fields are what this world is made of. Newsflash: the world is indeed made up of energy. And just as yogis have been sharing for thousands of years through the use of tools such as the chakra system (whirlpools of energy centers throughout the body), we now know that the single organ in the body that has the strongest electrical and magnetic field is not the brain, it’s the heart.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.
~ Nikola Tesla

New science confirms that the heart is the very center of our being. It is our central powerhouse, a source of wisdom, insight, thought, and emotion. Just as the yogis, indigenous peoples of North and South America, and other ancient teachings have told us, the heart is our body’s place of balance and integration.

In 1991, a scientific discovery published in the journal Neurocardiology revealed that within the heart there is a network of 40,000 specialized cells called sensory neurites. These cells are like brain cells but they operate independently from the brain. This is the heart’s nervous system and has been coined, the “heart brain”.

Scientists at the HeartMath Institute, found that the heart brain has the ability to sense, process information, make decisions, learn, and it has memory capacity as well. To boot, the heart brain communicates to the brain in a much larger degree than the brain communicates to the heart. Every moment of every day there is a conversation between our heart and our brain.

When we have bad experiences we feel negative, fear-based emotions and we communicate this to our brain. Our brain responds by releasing stress chemistry such as adrenaline and cortisol. Stress chemistry is depleting in so many ways. It restricts our ability to focus, makes us irritable, detaches us from our inner guidance systems, and impacts the health of our immune systems, and so on. It makes us get old faster and feel crappy. It just isn’t good.

Scientists at the HeartMath Institute, found that the heart brain has the ability to sense, process information, make decisions, learn, and it has memory capacity as well.

On the other hand, when we have feelings like happiness, love, appreciation, or satisfaction, we experience inner harmony. The coherence between the brain and heart is clear, and so is our thinking, our actions, and our health. We become better at processing information and recalling information. We have an increased ability to empathize deeply, find compassion, and we can embrace change much easier. This is because our brains are not responding to messages from the heart that are fearful or confused.

The Yew Leaf Program helps you reconnect with your heart and bring about coherence in your life on a more frequent basis. Practicing self leadership includes making a conscious decision to influence your inner balance, and bring about harmony in your body, and your life.  ♥

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