Self leadership means more than just living life on purpose, it means being on purpose.

Self Leadership Defined

Self leadership is “the practice of intentionally influencing your thinking, feeling and behaviors to achieve your objectives” (Bryant & Kazan 2012).

The results?

  • Expedited realization of goals, dreams, or desires.
  • Swift resolution of problems, and clarity about issues, people, or situations.
  • Un-circumstantial and ongoing happiness, freedom, and success.

The Yew Leaf® Program promotes leading from within, and leading ourselves first as a top priority. Otherwise, all the things in our lives that we think we are managing are actually managing us. This shift in focus toward self leadership allows us to make progress toward any end goal that we can comfortably fathom, one step at a time and in turn live the life we have always wanted.

A prerequisite for all types of leadership is first and foremost, self leadership. The Yew Leaf Program acknowledges that self leadership is rooted in well being: knowing ourselves, accepting ourselves, and loving ourselves. It is expanded through self development: the practice of self awareness, authenticity, and responsibility. Self leaders lead by example, but as with all things in life we fall off the self leadership saddle from time to time. What matters most is that we get back up over and over again. At the Yew Leaf we know that lasting self leadership takes practice.

Founding Beliefs

The Yew Leaf® was founded on the following beliefs:

True self leadership is rooted in well being
• Self development
expands self leadership
 Lasting self leadership takes practice

Have a look at how you can benefit from self leadership coaching, or visit The Program page to learn how we’ll work together.   Better yet, take The Yew Leaf® Assessment to see where you land on the self leadership scale!


Although The Yew Leaf® is located in the Outaouais hills outside Ottawa, Canada, we conduct business without borders!


Treat yourself to an affordable Self Leadership Coaching Package and together we can help you on your path toward creating your ideal life!

All coaching packages come with a 30-Day Unconditional Happiness Guarantee!


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