About Michelle

After having experienced positive changes with the help of self-inquiry, Michelle is inspired to share this proven and unique Yew Leaf® approach with others. She began coaching professionally in 2017 with the launch of The Yew Leaf® Program and is committed to taking steps each day to practice self leadership and to help others who wish to improve their lives.

In addition to being a certified and practicing Self Leadership Coach and Master Spirit Life Coach at The Yew Leaf®, Michelle works for the Canadian Federal Government. She’s also an Infinite Possibilities Certified Trainer &Trailblazer, and a certified and practicing Sivananda Yoga Instructor.

Michelle has almost two decades of experience working in natural resource management and regulatory development in the federal government and the private and non-profit sectors. She holds two university degrees (cum laude) in environmental studies, and sociology and psychology, and two diplomas (cum laude) in information technology and French as a second language.

Michelle shares life with her loving family surrounded by nature in the Outaouais hills. She lives a balanced lifestyle devoting herself to loved ones and her other passions: learning and coaching about personal growth and life improvement.

* Michelle received her certification in Self Leadership Coaching from the Certified Coaches Alliance (CCA), a qualification that is approved by the International Coaching Federation. Michelle also received her Master Spirit Coach certification from the CCA.

My Story

I haven’t always been a self leader and that is an understatement! For years I was my own worst enemy. I was focused on trying to control my personal life, career, general life circumstances, and the opinions of other people. In short, the direction of my life was determined by my ability to micromanage my external world and well, let’s just say the results were sub par. Apart from some creative opportunities that matched my values, my livelihood often involved trying to change what I thought I couldn’t.

Since my mission to control was unachievable, I developed a deep sense of insecurity. Eventually I hit an impenetrable wall and burn out left me in a state of career and relationship apathy. At the root of my being was dis-ease and I could feel it… and then the first day of the rest of my life happened.

I woke up to realize that I can’t honestly blame a single soul, event, or situation for my state of affairs. All these years I had been living in default mode! I assumed I was the leader of my life, naturally, but in fact my preoccupation with the events, circumstances, and people around me meant that I was actually being led…astray!

So, I began to put my attention toward learning and practicing self leadership through broadening my self awareness, my perspectives, and living more deliberately. I had the help of coaches, many books, teachers, and loved ones. What transpired is akin to magic! I immediately started to experience the results and was able to turn myself and my life, right side up.

To ensure that I remain on this amazing journey, I am holding myself publicly accountable by doing my best to share what I know through example and through The Yew Leaf® Program. I have discovered that without accountability and responsibility, self and leadership are just a couple of words.

With help and practice self leadership works, this I know for certain. I am doing the work and I encourage you to join me. My coaching packages and pricing are droplets in the bucket of life change that you will experience on your path to happiness, freedom, and success!

Read a snap shot of Michelle’s success in her blog published on the web page of New York Times Bestselling author, speaker, and entrepreneur in the philosophical New Thought movement, Mike Dooley!

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