The Yew Leaf Yields Results

The Yew Leaf® was established to help people redirect their path from circumstantial well being to unconditional well being. It aims to secure self direction regardless of the events, people and circumstances that surround us. The ongoing practice of self leadership allows us to resolve our problems and reach our goals more quickly, leading to permanent improvements in our lives.

As we strive to thrive, we often find ourselves in a state of unwell-being. We lose track of our own self care and personal goals and instead we focus on anything but ourselves. We get distracted by things that steer us away from a truly self-directed path such as:

  • Work-related crises
  • Emotionally toxic environments
  • Relationship issues
  • Weight gain
  • Negative thought patterns
  • Unexpected life changes 
  • Stress
  • Office politics
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Burn out

We engage in a never-ending race for approval and recognition in relationships, the work place, and our home life. We struggle to get ahead. We try hard to remain on top of things while overcoming feelings of unworthiness, or being under-valued. We compensate by doing more and inevitably head for weight gain, unfulfillment, and burn out.

After we hit the proverbial wall, apathy creeps in, progress and productivity drops (even more), relationships become dysfunctional, and the chance to live the life of our dreams passes us by.

The Yew Leaf® Self Leadership Coaching Program puts the stigma around “selfishness” to rest and promotes self-fulness.

The Program is designed to improve your ability to be a self leader because when your internal compass is clear, and when your intent is rooted in well being and expanded through self development, creating the life you want to be living is not only fun, it’s inevitable!

When you put yourself first and begin The Yew Leaf® Self Leadership Coaching Program you make a decision to live the life you have always wanted which means leading from within, and not as a result of the circumstances that surround you.

The results?

  • Expedited realization of goals, dreams, or desires.
  • Swift resolution of problems, and clarity about issues, people, or situations.
  • Un-circumstantial and ongoing happiness, freedom, and success.

Not only do we help you reach your goals and resolve your problems much faster than you ever thought possible, we help you to master your ability to self direct, and thereby create self leadership that lasts. Because nobody is responsible for living your life but you.

Choose the package that is right for you, here.

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