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When the Floodgates Open: A Success Story

*This blog written by The Yew Leaf founder, Michelle Honerman, is also published on the web page of New York Times Bestselling author, speaker, and entrepreneur in the philosophical New Thought movementMike Dooley!

Your Heart’s Brain

There is something much more significant than the advanced performance of the head brain, manual dexterity, and other characteristics that set us apart from our animal friends here on earth. It is the miraculous existence and function of the human heart brain. No other creature has one.

Scare Away the Dark

This combination of beautiful sounds, lyrics, and imagery reveals how you might feel as a result of improving your life with The Yew Leaf Program. The piece of art that is the video below was written and created by Mike Rosenberg and the band, Passenger. The Yew Leaf Program offers fuel for your light. Join us and …