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Reminder: Finding the Flow

When some aspect of life doesn’t flow in our favour self leaders take responsibility rather than finding someone or something to blame. Instead of playing a victim, empowered self leaders find out what is blocking their roll. We discover what we are personally holding onto so that the magical journey of letting go can begin. Why is it magic? Because as soon as we let go, we let in. And so it flows. 💜 (photo by Chris Gill)

Self Leadership Reminder

Self leaders start their day with intent. That’s the easy part. The key is choosing the right intention. Ego-driven intent makes for a tough slog with a competitive you versus me nature. Intent based on well being is holistic, meaning there are no thems. There is only us. It is not for me, it is for everyone. Timely delivery of these bad boys is inspired, smooth, and serendipitous. 💜 (photo by Thomas Smith)

Self Leadership Reminder

Being perpetually busy is NOT intelligent” writes Robert Holden in his book, Authentic Success. Self leaders know that success requires reoccurring down time for clarity of vision. We know that chilling out helps us to peacefully tune into our inner guidance system.♥ (Photo by Kevin Grieve)