When the Floodgates Open: A Success Story

*This blog written by The Yew Leaf founder, Michelle Honerman, is also published on the web page of New York Times Bestselling author, speaker, and entrepreneur in the philosophical New Thought movementMike Dooley!

Your Heart’s Brain

There is something much more significant than the advanced performance of the head brain, manual dexterity, and other characteristics that set us apart from our animal friends here on earth. It is the miraculous existence and function of the human heart brain. No other creature has one.

Overcoming the Culprit

If someone told me five years ago about how different my life would be today I would have been in total disbelief and it would have scared me. Many of my goals manifested quickly, but thankfully everything happened one baby step at a time. Otherwise I might have crumbled! Most of us are  more afraid of success than of failure. Fear is the culprit that steals our dreams…

Survival of the Most Cooperative

In the fifth edition of The Origin published in 1869, Charles Darwin suggested that evolution depends on the survival of the fittest, as offered by Herbert Spencer in his refining of the term, natural selection. In 1988 John Cairns demonstrated what was further clarified by Timothy Lenton in 1998: that evolution is based on the ability to adapt to changing environments. Through adaptation nature is able to maintain harmony and balance in an ever-changing world.

Peer reviewed science now supports this new understanding, that it is not competition which drives us to expand and survive. It is in fact, our ability to adapt and cooperate, or bring about “harmony”, that sustains us on this planet. Nature’s model, and Darwin’s theory revised is that evolution is based on the survival of the most cooperative. Many of us are not surprised by this finding, but having the scientific backing is important because so many of our governments’ big decisions are based on what science tells us.

So, now what?