Keeping In Check

Those striving to live a self leadership lifestyle choose not to fuel fear, disharmony and divisiveness and instead consciously focus on and feed the field with healing energies of love, harmony, and unity. ๐Ÿ’š(photo by Michelle) #selfleadership #lovenotfear #responsibleleadership #leadershipresponsibility

Happy New Year 2021!

As we enter this new year, aware of what matters and unsure of what awaits, we cure ourselves of subtle energies of fear with the practice of leaning into the light. By choosing the way of love in each and every thought, word, and action, we access a peaceful space where darkness is devoured by love’s brightness. ๐Ÿ’š #Selfleadership #Bringit2021 #Lovewinseverytime #Loveandfearcannotcoexist #leanintothelight



Moving Toward

In the face of uncertainty, self leadership can be an energetic mind game. The mind, left unchecked, reminds us of what we donโ€™t want. It aims to prevent the unwanted from occurring and in so doing, brings it to fruition; There is no such thing as running away from what we donโ€™t want. We either run toward it by allowing it to hijack our thoughts and therefore our focus. Or, we move toward what we do want by ensuring that is our focus. ๐Ÿ’šPic: (Paul Skorupskas) #selfleadership, #runningawayisrunningtoward, #PaulSkorupskas

Darksided Gifts

A negative judgement about somebody that surfaces in thought is our inner guidance system at work pointing directly to that very thing we have not yet embraced about ourselves. Given that our common and ultimate indicators of success are the states of joy and love, itโ€™s essential to know that if love is to flow through us to the people and things we care about, we must first have it for ourselves.๐Ÿ’œ(Photo: #LanceGrandahl) #selfleadership

To Lead Ourselves

Self leadership means to be empowered through deliberate living. It entails carefully choosing thoughts, words, and actions that support our holistic goals, dreams and desires, no matter the circumstances. It is the act of keeping our internal compass clear and focused by not getting caught up in the alluring ballyhoos of our external world. The result is the sweet scent of our best intentions coming to fruition.๐Ÿ’œ (Photo by Seth Macey) #selfleadership