Course Correction

It’s easy to slip into summertime diddle-daddle mode and hang out in that vast area outside our inner core; outside our realm of responsibility and control. Find yourself questioning the authenticity of others, their behaviour, words, or actions? Whoops! Colossal-waste-of-time alert! A self leadership lifestyle includes recognizing where we are directing our energy. We check in with our heart-centered awareness, consciously reposition our focus from cloudy confusion to clear intent, and make the shift from ego back to soul.💜 (Photo: Farsai Chaikulngamdee) #selfleadership

Reminder: Stay the Course

In the face of chaos and confrontation practicing self leaders ask, “Is this for real?” because we know that our ego has a habit of obscuring our soul’s clarity. Even the slightest undercurrent of negativity signifies that fear is clouding our vision. Unpleasant thoughts and feelings are natural human-made distractions. Making the choice to yield solutions by accepting what is while moving in the direction of intent, is self leadership.💜 (Photo: Kalen Emsley) #selfleadership