I am profoundly privileged to have worked with Michelle Honerman while navigating the most important transition of my life. The results I am enjoying would not have been possible without the strong and sound coaching from this skilled Life Coach. An “iron fist in a velvet glove,” Michelle Honerman is wise in all things personal, professional and metaphysical. I am sincerely grateful.


Denise Markhame, La Pêche, Quebec

The Infinite Possibilities Workshop with Michelle was exactly what I needed in my life to help me realize not only my own personal power but also to remind me of our fundamental connection to the universe and everything in it. The course  was filled with invaluable insights and, most importantly, practical strategies to help incorporate what was learned into daily life. I highly recommend taking this workshop!

D.R. Cantley, Canada

It’s a place to learn the steps to love yourself. A safe and friendly place to explore the possibilities the world has to offer you if you can learn to use your energy positively. (The Yew Leaf Workshop on Deliberate Living)

T.M. Cantley, Canada

It’s a great way to ease you into understanding the power of thought and how to change your paradigm. (The Yew Leaf Workshop on Deliberate Living)

Sarah Lacharity, Cantley, Canada

Amazing! Helpful in getting your thoughts in the right direction. (The Yew Leaf Workshop on Deliberate Living)

J.L.K. Wakefield, Canada

It is really neat to see things appear/happen when you learn to be more present and positive. It’s magical and something all people should practice. (The Yew Leaf Workshop on Deliberate Living)

Katie K. Wakefield, Canada

The Yew Leaf Workshop about living deliberately is enlightening, and potentially life changing.

Mark Cooper, Cantley, Canada

I met with Michelle during a challenging time in my life when I needed to focus on myself. She helped me to gain a new perspective, enabling me to move forward. My sessions with Michelle truly helped me with so much! I now feel confident and strong with the direction that my life journey is taking.

Lorie Nauss, Cantley, Canada  

Michelle’s approach to coaching provides me with a safe space to work through my struggles. Her focused questioning and close listening skills helps me to clearly discover my approach to creating a process that will propel me towards success. Michelle demonstrates patience, interest and commitment to helping me reach my desired goals. My time with her has been invaluable!

Bridgette Brown, Louisiana, U.S.A.

Michelle has been a wonderful, healing factor in my life and we have only just begun. Her generosity, and gentle approach has given me a whole new outlook. She always works around my sporadic schedule and this flexibility has been a godsend. It feels good to know that someone has your back in difficult times and is a cheerleader encouraging you forward through those uplifting experiences. Michelle is a wonder at fostering more growth and finding your potential.

Crystal Beshara, Ottawa, Canada