Michelle’s approach to coaching provides me with a safe space to work through my struggles. Her focused questioning and close listening skills helps me to clearly discover my approach to creating a process that will propel me towards success. Michelle demonstrates patience, interest and commitment to helping me reach my desired goals. My time with her has been invaluable!

Bridgette Brown, Louisiana, U.S.A.

Michelle has been a wonderful, healing factor in my life and we have only just begun. Her generosity, and gentle approach has given me a whole new outlook. She always works around my sporadic schedule and this flexibility has been a godsend. It feels good to know that someone has your back in difficult times and is a cheerleader encouraging you forward through those uplifting experiences. Michelle is a wonder at fostering more growth and finding your potential.

Crystal Beshara, Ottawa, Canada

Michelle helps me sort through a pile of things and construct a reasonable set of priorities focused on what really matters in my life which has allowed me to further my goals. Michelle is extremely easy to talk to…

Tracy Varty, Wakefield, Canada

Working with Michelle makes me realize that the goal I want to achieve isn’t so far after all. Also, it helps me keep on track and mostly helps me be focused and accountable to move forward. I truly enjoy working with her.

Johanne Gervais, Cantley, Canada

I am newly retired and was finding it difficult to make the transition into retirement. Michelle encouraged me to look into new and challenging experiences to enhance this stage of my life. The coaching experience has given me a renewed sense of self worth and for that I must truly thank Michelle.

Gail Hall, Ottawa, Canada